Why Vegan?


More and more people are finding the vegan diet attractive, tasty and satisfying. We are living in an age where cutting out meat and dairy is in no way restrictive or boring.

There are several reasons for being vegan: religious, ethical, environmental or health based or often a combination of all or some of these reasons.

Whatever drives you to a vegan diet you will be a champion of sorts – wasting fewer of the world’s resources! Producing food for a plant-based diet requires only one third of the land needed to support a dairy and meat diet.

And not only is a vegan diet a more sustainable option for the planet, it can also be a much healthier and more ethical option. It can be hard to avoid the additives and the cruelty that come with a dairy and meat based diet, but if you choose a vegan diet you are more likely to be able to reduce suffering and avoid additives and pesticides by eating organic fresh-grown food.

Finally, why NOT vegan? There is a multitude of products in the shops today that cater to a vegan diet. Restaurants are also wizening up to the fact that vegan alternatives on the menu will get more people through the door. This is certainly a good time to try.

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