Hot lunches

Seitan Bolognese
Mac‘n Cheese
Root vegetable broccoli gratin
Oumph! Wrap
Margherita pizza
Slow cooked casserole


Mini pea-protein burgers

between two slices of grilled aubergine served with grilled vegetables! (Gluten-free, soya-free, nut-free and super tasty, healthy, nutritious and delicious!)


Jackfruit Sloppy Joes

in a bun with fries & coleslaw (awesome treat when only a rich tasty meal will do)


Jackfruit with cashew-nuts

in yellow bean sauce, served with noodles or rice (another, new, fresh and tasty, home-made dish from master Chef Charles)


Seitan and roast veg wrap served

with chips (super tasty wrap served with chips to make a hearty meal)


Mac ‘n cheese

macaroni in a home-made cashew cheese sauce with a side salad (this mac’cheese is to die for – must be tried)


Fonio Box with pea protein nuggets & sprout lentil fritters

Bowl of west-African super grain and a hearty plant-based casserole and salad (fonio is so much better than couscous and with superior nutritional value – healthy, nutritious and delicious)


se = seeds     s = soya

n = nuts     g = gluten

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