cloudberry and baobab

raw baobab (citrus fruit from Africa’s
‘Tree of Life’) cheesecake served with
a runny layer of cloudberry jam (native
to the arctic tundra and boreal forest
of Scandinavia). Stunning combination
that must be tried to be believed! (n)


orange and chocolate torte

raw, very rich chocolate/orange torte
served with runny soya cream and
fresh berries (n)


mango and passion fruit

raw cashew cheesecake with a
generous layer of passionfruit coulis (n)


chocolate gateaux

two chocolate sponge layers filled with
strawberry jam, fresh strawberries and
soya chocolate cream (s, n, g)


gluten free sticky toffee pudding

served with toffee sauce (s)


fruit salad

fruits of the day mixed into a lovely
fresh salad


american style baked cheesecake

served with strawberry/raspberry/shia
seed coulis (n, g)



two lemon/vanilla sponge layers filled
with lemon curd, mandarin segments
and lemon butter cream (s, n, g)


se = seeds     s = soya

n = nuts     g = gluten

Service charge will be added to your bill.