Vegan Express wants to make vegan food, and the vegan life-style more mainstream. We have always had the ambition to reach a wider audience (beyond just vegans) with our food and concept. Home-made, minimal additives, made on site, nothing processed, good for your health, good for the environment and good for the animals is at the heart of what we do. We want to spread the vegan message and life-style, by serving delicious, top-quality vegan food.



The key objective of Vegan Express is to demystify the vegan diet and lifestyle and making it more mainstream. It is trying to do so by serving home-made wholesome, 100% vegan delicious food, drinks and desserts. We do not use anything processed and try as much as we can to use local produce. Our target is to become a first-class vegan restaurant chain and grow with the booming trend for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy. Our’ hashtag, which we have used since our first day or trading in 2016 is #makingveganmainstream

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To us being vegan is a no-brainer!
Adopting a vegan lifestyle in 2015 was revolutionary for both of us. It is an amazing, empowering experience to realise the richness and diversity that food made from plants has to offer. Any reservations about missing meat, chicken, fish, eggs or dairy was soon diminished and we have not looked back since. Our only regret is that we did not go vegan sooner.
Vegan Express wants to show that by cutting meat and dairy you will not compromise on flavour or texture. It is entirely possible to cook high quality, tasty, delicious food made from plants.
The past decade has seen a consistent growth in vegan food and lifestyle products, there are more google searches on vegan food and vegan lifestyle. Supermarkets are launching whole new ranges of vegan food products and plant-based foods. Vegan Express was born out of our own vegan journey which started five years ago, but also out of our love for food and Charles’s exceptional knowledge and technical ability to turn basic produce into extraordinary dishes.


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Charles Diallo

Charles has a background in fine dining and used to run the Chester kitchen at the Dorchester hotel as a head chef between 2006-2014. He has more than twenty years’ experience of cooking and running kitchens in the UK and abroad. His passion for vegan food comes from finding great flavour in fresh produce that makes little or no impact on the environment. He is a true pioneer who are constantly seeing to improve and reinvent his dishes. Charles is the brain behind every dish and each menu at Vegan Express.

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Ulrika Diallo

Ulrika is new to the restaurant trade and has a background in policy and public affairs. She runs the marketing, social media platforms, back office, staff issues, recruitment and procurement and share business development work with Charles. Running your own small business is the most empowering, exciting and positive experience but it is also the hardest, exhausting and most risky experience as the buck stops with you. You take all the benefit from it, but you have to put in an enormous amount of work.