Vegan Express


Vegan Express is a small family-run vegan restaurant and catering business. We started trading at our restaurant in Tooting, November 2016 and opened out Takeaway in Streatham, January 2019.

We serve fresh, homemade, plant-based food products that are made from scratch without preservatives. We will never serve processed food products; all our burgers, mains, mayonnaise, sauces etc are prepped fresh on site in Tooting.

We are open Monday – Friday 17-23 and Saturday and Sunday 12-23.  Our popular Sunday roast is available all weekend alongside our other delicious lunch-options.  From 17.00 daily, we offer a  sit-down candle lit dinner service  with a more elaborate technical menu.  Our return customers come back again and again because the quality and flavour of our food.

In addition to our restaurant at Garratt Lane in Tooting and our takeaway at Mitcham Lane in Streatham we we can provide a variety of catering services ranging from catering for events and dinner parties to supplying lunches and dinners for corporate events. Contact us to discuss.


Vegan Express is a vegan family business that wants to make a difference to the vegan restaurant market. With 20 years’ experience in a wide variety of kitchens, Head Chef Charles Diallo is a distinguished chef who puts flavour at the centre of his art


The need for Vegan Express is borne out of a desire to show how easy it is to replace animal food products with plant-based alternatives. Our food is tasty, filling and wholesome and 100% vegan.
We want to dispel myths such as; ‘vegans only eat salad’ or ‘you won’t feel full if you don’t eat meat’ or ‘vegan food is taste-less and bland’.  We want to prove how easy it is to be vegan!


Vegan Express wants to make vegan mainstream. We cater for customers who are already following a vegan diet, but also for those who want to discover how easy it is to be vegan and how much better it is for your health and for our environment and for the animals.
We want to encourage more conscious and cruelty free eating habits for all.