Charles and Ulrika Diallo own and run the restaurant and catering business Vegan Express.

Charles has more than twenty years’ experience of cooking and running kitchens in the UK and abroad. His passion for vegan food comes from finding great flavour in fresh produce that makes little or no impact on the environment. Therefore, Vegan Express sources food from local growers and avoid, as much as possible, products that use too much of the planet’s resources.

Charles and Ulrika say:

“Being fairly recent vegans, it was a powerful realisation to understand that by cutting meat and dairy we did not have to compromise with our passion for tasty delicious food – instead pursuing a plant based diet opened up a whole new range of textures and flavours. The Vegan Express was born out of our love for food and Charles’s exceptional knowledge and skills of turning basic produce into extraordinary dishes.

Out target is to be a first-class vegan restaurant chain and grow with the seemingly unquenchable appetite for plant-based alternatives to meat. Charles’ motto has always been that you are only as good as your last plate of food and his drive comes from constantly developing and improving his methods and skills.

We can cater for parties, corporate and private events, weddings, birthday parties etc. We can produce free from, egg-less, gluten free cakes and muffins and other sweet treats and party food. Call us to discuss any requirements.”